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Geometric Coloring Books

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Geometric Coloring Books are a great way to relax and reduce stress. Recent studies have indicated that coloring produces a lot of the same positive results in the brain as meditation. There is no doubt that coloring helps people to relax and to de-stress. In addition to reducing stress, coloring helps people to feel good because they are creating something beautiful.

Geometric coloring books are especially desirable because they are not gender specific – they appeal to both men and women. There are a variety of bold, eye-catching designs that can be colored in innumerable ways to create sensational patterns.

Geometric coloring pages for relaxation

Coloring books are a great way to relax and chill out. Adult coloring books have become incredibly popular in recent years, but they are not just the latest fad. Coloring is a tool that can help you learn to calm your mind and to be in the moment.

Many people have likened coloring books to meditation. The practice of coloring is certainly very meditative. When you color, you aren’t letting your mind whiz around with all the thoughts you might otherwise have. You are focused on coloring, staying in the lines, and choosing what color to use next.

This is very similar to the meditative practice of following your breath and noticing what sensations you have in your body. Both activities keep you present in the moment, which is the mental exercise of meditation. This is what creates the relaxing effect on your mind and body.

Some people have a difficult time meditating. They try to sit quietly and let go of all thought, but the thoughts continue to spin around in their mind. Meditation isn’t the easiest skill to master. The more a person needs to meditate, the harder it is to quiet the mind enough to do it.

If this sounds like you, then coloring books may be just the thing you need. Not only is coloring fun, it also provides enough of a focus to keep your brain from chattering too much. You sit peacefully and slow your mind down without the pressure of formal meditation. As a bonus you get to enjoy creating something that is quite beautiful.

Geometric coloring pages for therapy

coloring relaxes the amygdala

Coloring can be extremely therapeutic. Any time you get to exercise your creativity, you benefit immensely. Your brain forms new connections when you do art, and studies have even shown that it makes people happier.

We need to note that coloring therapy and art therapy are two different things. Art therapy is something a person does with a licensed art therapist. Art therapists do not usually have their patients work with any pre-created designs. Instead, the patients create art in part to express things that they cannot express in words and to explore emotions that they have a difficult time confronting.

Coloring is a bit less intense than traditional art therapy. Coloring books are not licensed therapists, of course, and they can’t guide you to confront your deepest, darkest secrets. The two activities should not be confused with each other.

At the same time, coloring is very therapeutic in its own right. It is relaxing, it is fun, and it lets you use your creativity to make something beautiful.

In fact, many people are using coloring to re-engage with their own creative side after years of suppressing their creativity and living in the left-brained world of corporate jobs. If a blank piece of paper terrifies you because you have no idea what to put on it, a geometric coloring book might be just the thing you need to set yourself free and explore your creative side again. Choosing your colors and filling in the spaces will get your creativity flowing and also give you a confidence boost as you see a gorgeous picture taking shape under your fingers.

geometric coloring book: stress relieving designs vol 1

The rewards of coloring

The human brain is wired to seek beauty. We need beautiful things in our lives in order to be mentally healthy. We also need a good healthy dose of relaxation and fun every day for our mental health. Without this, we quickly become depressed, anxious, angry, and all sorts of other negative emotions that plague our modern lives.

Coloring is a wonderful way to refresh and recharge ourselves mentally and emotionally. It is rewarding to work on a difficult art project that turns out unbelievably gorgeous. It is also fun and relaxing to take a few minutes to yourself, turn on some relaxing music or enjoy the silence, and color.

Coloring books are for men, too!

There is a pervasive thought that coloring books are just for women, but this could not be further from the truth. Men can get all the benefits that women can from coloring. Why should women have all the fun? Our geometric coloring books are designed to appeal to men as well as to women. We also carry other coloring books for men. We understand that not all men want to color in coloring books full of flowery designs.

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