Types of adult coloring books

Types of adult coloring books

There are several different kinds of Adult Coloring Books

There are many different kinds of adult coloring books to choose from. Some of our Art Therapy Adult Coloring Books feature geometric patterns, mandalas, nature, flowers, owls, the ocean, Native American inspired designs, and more. Many of our Anti Stress Adult Coloring Books have a mixed variety of all types of designs.

Types of adult coloring books

Kinds of Adult Coloring Books: Different Types of Designs

Here at Art Therapy Coloring, we like to include a mixed style of designs. Typically most people want to experiment with a variety of designs and styles of artwork. Though we do have some Adult coloring Books that contain only geometric designs or only mandalas, most of our books are Anti Stress Designs that feature a mixture of geometric, mandala, flora, fauna, pattern, zendoodle and more. This mixture of designs is often grouped within a theme, such as nature, floral, owls, ocean, etc. In this way, you won’t get bored coloring the same style over and over again.

Different Kinds of Adult Coloring Books: Specific Topics

Many coloring books have a specific subject matter. For example, coloring books that feature only cats are very popular. Here are some of the many thematic topics for adult coloring books.

  • Animal Coloring Books
    • Cat Coloring Books
    • Dog Coloring Books
    • Owl Coloring Books
    • Butterfly Coloring Books
  • Mermaid Coloring Books
  • Ocean Coloring Books
  • Native American Inspired Coloring Books
  • Nature Coloring Books
  • Floral Coloring Books
  • Seasons Coloring Books
  • Travel Coloring Books
  • Special Occasion Coloring Books

Different Kinds of Adult Coloring Books: For A Targeted Audience

Who are adult coloring books for?

who are adult coloring books for

Maybe you have seen adult coloring books on the shelves of your local bookstore and wondered, “who buys these things?” After all, coloring is something we generally think of as being a children’s activity. There are a lot of people out there who are confused about who coloring books are for. They’re interested in coloring, but they really don’t know if it’s for them – or even if they are supposed to be doing it.

If this sounds like you, read on!

Coloring Books Are For Adults Of All Ages.

It doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 100 – coloring is a fun activity that anyone can enjoy. Even if you have age-related disabilities such as poor eyesight, you can have fun coloring a simpler or enlarged coloring page that you are able to see better. The relaxing and meditative act of coloring has been known to help with shaking hands. It is even believed to slow or reverse cognitive decline! Coloring is not a substitute for medical treatment, but it is a fun activity with many benefits.

For young adults too, coloring has taken off as a fun and incredibly popular activity. People might look at you funny if you take a coloring book to a party, but pass out coloring pages and colored pencils and everyone there will soon be having fun coloring.

No matter what age you are, you are probably subject to stress. Coloring books are the perfect way to chill out and get some zen in your life. In fact many seniors enjoy their coloring books for senior citizens because it allows them to pick up a hobby that is both relaxing and keeps the mind active.

Coloring books are for men and women.

A lot of men think that coloring books are only for women. They look at intricate pictures of flowers and butterflies and think that there is nothing manly about coloring.

Actually, coloring books are great for both men and women. Men carry a great deal of stress, which puts them at high risk for hypertension and heart attack. (Women are at risk too, of course.) Meditation is helpful for reducing stress, but a lot of people find that they can’t quiet their minds enough to really be able to meditate. Especially for men, who are conditioned by our society to be active and to solve problems through aggression, mindfulness and meditation can be very difficult to accomplish.

This is why coloring is life-changing for so many people, men and women alike. Coloring forces you to chill out, relax, and focus on the task at hand. You’re not problem solving, you’re not planning, you’re not even really moving forward toward a goal (except maybe the goal of getting the page finished). You’re just there with the page, letting your heart rate slow down and your mind get quieter. And this is just as beneficial for men as it is for women.

If you think that the designs in adult coloring books are too “girly,” you haven’t looked at the designs in our Coloring Books For Men and our Geometric Coloring Books! We have many designs that have bolder, more “masculine” shapes and geometric patterns. Of course, there is also no universal law stating that men cannot color pictures of flowers if they so choose, so don’t let sexist societal notions hamper your creative joy!

Adult coloring pages are for teenagers too.

Teenagers really have a rough time in modern society. The transition from child to adult is and has always been difficult, to say the least. As you gain responsibilities and learn to live in the world as an adult, you need mindfulness more than ever to help ease this life passage.

But with the cell phones and the social media and the texting and the constant technology that teenagers are expected to have just to fit in with their peers, there is no time for mindfulness. So teenagers are set adrift in a world of chaos, constantly plugged in during a crucial and difficult time of life. To make matters worse, teenagers are learning the hard lesson that they are expected to outgrow the things they loved as children, and that childish activities aren’t “cool” anymore, even if those childish activities might bring them a lot of joy and peace in their lives.

Coloring is incredibly therapeutic for teenagers. It’s not immature or childish. It’s fun, and beautiful, and a wonderful way to bring friends together for real connection. Take the coloring page challenge: bring a stack of coloring sheets and a pack of colored pencils to hang out with your friends. Try it. We guarantee your friends will be hooked, and you will too. Try out a coloring book for teenagers today!

Coloring pages are for everyone who is ever stressed.

anti stress coloring books

Do you have stress in your life? Do your shoulders ever get tense? Do you ever feel like you just want to get away from everything and not worry for a while?

If you said no, then you are probably a guru and we should be taking lessons from you. Practically every adult in this world gets stressed. Our modern lives seem engineered to create stress and to keep us living in a state of thinly-veiled panic. If you sometimes feel like you just can’t handle it all, you are definitely not alone.

Coloring pages are for everyone who ever gets stressed. This calm, meditative activity is the perfect way to relax, let your mind quiet down, and be present in the moment. In the short term, you will have an enjoyable time creating a beautiful work of art. In the long term, you will start to notice the same benefits people gain from meditating: greater joy, a calmer outlook on life, and the ability to handle pressure without becoming so stressed or anxious.

Coloring books are for everyone. Get yours today!

Adult coloring books really are for everyone. Adults of all ages, abilities, and walks of life are discovering the joy of tapping into their inner child and scribbling away in a coloring book. If you don’t want to wait to get your coloring book, just enter your email address and we’ll send you printable pages straight to your inbox! Then order one of our softcover coloring books and delve into the wonderful world of coloring!