Coloring Book for Seniors: Anti-Stress Designs Vol 4

Coloring Book for Seniors: Anti-Stress Designs Vol 4


Watch your worries melt away with our coloring book for seniors: Anti-Stress Designs Vol. 4. This coloring book for older adults is packed full of soothing patterns, whimsical illustrations, and inspiring mandalas.

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Coloring has health benefits

Coloring is great for your health and for your mind. Why should only children and young people have all the fun? We have created a seniors coloring book that is perfect for ages 55 and older so that you can get the amazing benefits of coloring as well.

Coloring has many health benefits, especially for the elderly. Coloring helps to lower your stress and reduce your blood pressure, which is important since so many senior citizens do take medicine for their blood pressure. Coloring also helps your body relax, which can have many health benefits and can prevent a lot of health problems from surfacing.

Coloring and dementia?

One of the most exciting things about coloring is its potential to help with dementia. Coloring has been shown to have many of the same effects on the brain as meditation, and meditation is known to help to prevent dementia. Studies in both humans and rats have shown that meditation (or in the case of rats, exposure to silence) increases the amount of white matter in your brain.

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It causes you to form new neurological connections and even makes your brain bigger! Since brain scans of people coloring are remarkably similar to brain scans of people meditating, and since a lot of the same positive benefits from meditation have also been reported by colorists, we have every reason to hope that coloring might also have the same amazing ability to protect your brain and help you increase your brain health.

Coloring is fun For Senior Citizens

Coloring is a perfect activity for senior citizens because it is very fun and easy. You can do it with friends. You can color when you only have a few minutes of free time, or you can spend hours doing it.

For senior citizens whose activities are limited by health issues, coloring is a rewarding activity that does not require physical strength or endurance. Best of all, you are making beautiful artwork, which lifts the spirits and feeds the soul.

A Coloring book for older adults

We designed this senior citizens coloring book to be perfectly accessible to and usable by senior citizens ages 55 and over. This is basically the large print version of some of our other popular books. The pictures are enlarged or simplified to make it very easy to see what you are doing, but they are still complex enough to be fun and a little bit challenging.


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Coloring Book Details

  • Series: Anti-Stress Coloring Book
  • Size: 8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
  • Paper: Black & White on White paper
  • Number of Pages: 86 pages
  • Number of Designs: 35
  • Publisher: Art Therapy Coloring
  • ISBN-13: 978-1944427337
  • ISBN-10: 1944427333

eBook (Printable), Paperback

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