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mandala coloring books

Mandalas are beautiful designs that are used as meditation tools in eastern religious traditions. In the west, mandalas are becoming more popular, both as decorations and as artwork for people to draw and decorate during meditation.

In fact, mandalas have been used in the western world for many years. The famous rose windows in Medieval cathedrals are mandalas. For centuries people have been marveling at these beautiful designs and using them to help with meditation, prayer, and insights.

What is a mandala?

At its most basic, a mandala is a circular design where every design element is repeated around the central point. Mandalas can take the form of concentric circles, with different decorative elements in each of the circles, or they can have various interlocking and intermingling designs, but they always have a central point that the design turns around.

Mandalas are symmetrical, which means that one side is exactly the same as the other. In fact, however many design repeats a mandala has, each part is going to be the same as all the other repeats.

Mandalas and meditation

Mandalas have been used as tools for meditation for centuries and even millennia. The symmetry of the designs has caused them to be revered as sacred. This same symmetry also makes the act of coloring a mandala a very meditative experience because of the repetition you experience as you fill in the design. This repetition helps to quiet the mind and put you into a relaxed, meditative state.

Some people draw mandalas as their form of meditation. This is a very old practice. Exploring the geometry of the mandala and expanding your creativity by drawing a mandala is a great way to relax your mind and tap into your creative consciousness.

However, many people would feel intimidated at the idea of drawing a mandala freehand. Even people who would like to try it, might still only want to do it when they can devote quite a lot of time and energy to it. This is where the idea of mandala coloring books comes in. Mandala coloring books let you experience the meditative benefits of working on a mandala, but without the artistic pressure of having to create the mandala yourself from scratch. You can immerse yourself into the shapes and patterns of the mandala and watch it come to life as you fill it with beautiful colors.

mandala coloring book example

Coloring as meditation

Many people use coloring as a type of meditation, and studies have shown that people who color have a lot of the same brain benefits as people who meditate. Both activities make you more relaxed, and they can even have medical benefits such as lowering blood pressure and helping with depression. (Please note that coloring is not meant to be a replacement for any form of medical treatment whatsoever. If you have a health problem, please see your doctor.)

Meditation is, at its most fundamental, a practice of being in the moment. Coloring is the perfect way to do this. When you are coloring, you aren’t worrying about all the things you have to do. You are just focused on choosing colors, staying within the lines, and enjoying the artwork. There’s nothing more meditative than that!

In fact, many people say that they find it easier to relax and be present in the moment while they are coloring than when they are meditating. It is easier to get the mind to quiet down. When you just sit in silence, the brain fills that silence with all sorts of chatter. Of course, this is the whole point of meditation – to quiet that chatter and just be present in the moment. But many people find that it is very stressful to even attempt this, especially as the brain starts bringing up all the things they need to do, that they aren’t getting done while they are sitting and meditating.

Coloring provides a great workaround to this problem because it gives you something to focus on. Some other arts and crafts, such as knitting, do the same thing. Whether you are coloring or knitting, the simple fact that your mind has something else to focus on than all the thoughts that are whirring around in your head can help you calm down and find your inner peace.

There are many benefits that have been proven for meditation, including coloring meditation. For example, meditation actually builds new gray matter in the brain, and it helps you form new neural pathways. This is extremely important for keeping the mind healthy and active.

Meditation also helps with more mundane concerns such as blood pressure and stress. You can easily beat stress with meditation, including with meditative activities such as coloring.

mandala coloring book vol 1 page
A example page from mandala coloring book vol 1

Coloring as art

Don’t forget the fun of sitting down and doing art! Our mandala coloring books feature gorgeous designs that are sure to bring you joy while you fill them in with bright colors.

Your art teachers in elementary school might have told you that coloring books aren’t real art, but we don’t believe them for a minute. The designs in our mandala coloring books are gorgeous and certainly worth putting up as decorations. And when you select the colors and color them in with your own individual style, who’s to say it’s not your own art work?

Many people feel intimidated by the idea of doing art because they look at a blank canvas or a blank piece of paper and they can’t imagine what to do with it. Coloring books give you a place to start, in the form of gorgeous mandala designs that you can use to spark your creativity.

Unleash your inner artist with our mandala coloring books!