Wholesale adult coloring books

Wholesale adult coloring books

Wholesale coloring books for adults at Art Therapy Coloring

Wholesale adult coloring books

If you are looking for great deals on wholesale coloring books for adults, you have come to the right place at Art Therapy Coloring! We offer adult coloring books with bulk discounts and wholesale prices to coloring book marketers, art professionals, wineries, gift shops, senior citizen centers, boutiques, bookstores and a wide variety of businesses.

Who can benefit from buying wholesale adult coloring books?

  • Book Stores
  • Wineries
  • Gift Shops
  • Boutiques
  • Senior Citizen Centers
  • Online stores
  • Marketers
  • Adult coloring group coordinators

We want to make our coloring books easily available for customers and businesses to buy, not just on our website but also at their local bookstores, hobby stores, and art supply stores. We believe in the magic of coloring. The more people who are able to zen out and relax while coloring, the better.

So we offer great wholesale deals on our adult coloring books at Art Therapy Coloring. We give you great low prices on bulk orders so that you can offer the books for attractive low prices for your customers, and still earn a good profit on them.

Benefits of getting Wholesale Adult Coloring Books from Art Therapy Coloring

  • Bulk Adult Coloring Books at a low price
  • Low MOQ (Minimum order Quantity) on all wholesale orders
  • High quality adult coloring books
  • High turnaround (very hot product)

If you are interested in taking advantage of our wholesale prices on adult coloring books, fill out our wholesale information inquiry form. We will get back to you asap, with all the details and pricing.

Profiting from wholesale adult coloring books

bulk adult coloring books

Making money selling Adult Coloring Books

  • We offer competitive wholesale prices, so you as a seller receives high margins
  • Adult coloring books are a huge trend right now, they are literally selling off the shelves
  • We offer a low MOQ so you can get started with low risk
  • You can test selling coloring books in your store, without spending tons of money on inventory

Adult coloring books are an incredibly popular pastime and activity. Most of us colored as children, and some people retained the habit into adulthood, even when the only coloring books you could buy were the ones with children’s cartoon characters in them.

But now, you can enjoy adult coloring books that have many, many different designs specifically created for grown-ups. These are more sophisticated pictures, though they are also still completely fun. There are coloring pictures that are quirky and whimsical, stately and symmetrical, and even realistic depictions of animals and wildlife. With adult coloring books, grown ups who want to color have an immense choice of different designs for their coloring pleasure!

The adult coloring book trend is one that many book sellers, hobby store owners, and art supply providers have taken advantage of. This can be a very profitable item to offer adult coloring books, because it is extremely popular for customers. It is hard to pass up the beautiful and mesmerizing designs in an adult coloring book, and it is so easy and relaxing to sit down and color for a while. Whether your customers are experienced artists or total beginners who just need something fun and relaxing to do in their spare time, coloring books are the perfect activity for them and the perfect impulse-buy sale for you!

wholesale adult coloring books

Purchasing Adult Coloring books for resell

Here at Art Therapy Coloring, We provide high quality adult coloring books for all sorts of people. When you order wholesale from us, you will definitely be able to offer coloring books for all your customers. We have coloring books for men, that have macho designs that don’t even hint at flowers or paisley. We have coloring books for seniors, which have gorgeous designs with slightly simpler or larger pictures to make them easier to see. We have coloring books for teens, which have fresh designs to appeal to the younger set. And, of course, we have many different themes and designs in our regular adult coloring books: mandalas, travel designs, sea creatures, and much more!

With adult coloring books from Art Therapy Coloring, you can look forward to having exactly the coloring books your customers are craving. We have a huge selection of books so that even the most addicted colorists will always have more books to color. Fill out our contact form today for details on our wholesale pricing for coloring books, and start to enjoy profits from this massive consumer trend of coloring immediately!

adult coloring books in bulk

Contact us today to place a wholesale order!

If you are ready to purchase an order of wholesale adult coloring books, contact us today and we will send you further information on pricing and details on purchasing wholesale. We offer great prices and a low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) so you can get started selling adult coloring books without having to invest too much on inventory.