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What our Art Therapy Anti-Stress Coloring books Are All About

Coloring for adults is about taking a few minutes out of your day to slow down and de-stress. That’s why we created Art Therapy Coloring Books, which specializes in anti stress coloring books. We have many types of adult coloring books such as

We believe that coloring enhances peoples lives! Coloring is a tool, as is meditation and nature, to still your mind and allow you to let go. Coloring allows you to let go of your worries, responsibilities, any stressful though, or any thought for that matter. Coloring allows us to be in the moment and to be still. It truly does have an amazing way of stilling the adult mind. Adults everywhere are beginning to realize the benefits of coloring like a kid again.

anti stress coloring books for adults

We believe that using an anti stress adult coloring book is helpful in relieving stress and calming the mind. Coloring books can help adults enter a meditative state while coloring. Once you begin to color, its easy to get lost in it. You zone in on the coloring and you forget about your troubles and worrisome thoughts. It just allows you to easily relax and enjoy the moment.

Coloring as meditation

Some buddhist monks spend hours in sand gardens making beautiful intricate designs in the sand, only to erase them immediately afterwards. They do this because the act itself is a form of meditation and allows the mind to relax and focus on one repetitive task only. This allows a buddhist monk to still his or her mind and enter into a meditative state. When they are done creating a beautiful work of art, they then destroys it. Buddhists will do this to exemplify the only certainty of life – the certainty of change.

This is what coloring is to us. We aren’t saying that you should rip up your adult coloring books after you have created beautiful designs. We want you to share your finished coloring pages with the world! Like the designs in the sand garden, coloring is a repetitive and soothing task. Coloring for adults calms the mind because it can act as a meditative tool that can melt your stress and worries away, if done regularly.

Why its important to destress with coloring books?

Many of us spend our lives battling our schedules, trying to find time to get everything in our hectic lives done. The busier we get, the easier it is to forget the importance of slowing down and taking a breath. It is easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day responsibilities. The tugging and pulling of our attention to this or that can become a drain on our energy and our happiness.

The solution is to simply stop and slow down. There’s no need to get crazy with this. If we can learn how to take a sliver out of our day to slow down and stop the whirling thoughts and worries of our minds, we can drastically improve the quality of our lives.

It only takes minutes to slow your mind, be present, and stop the anxious thoughts of work and life. It’s not time that we need, which many of us are quick to say we don’t have enough of. It is really an understanding of the importance of slowing down and the intention to actually do it. After the awareness that we need to slow down, then comes the habit of doing it, which is key. If you have the realization that you need to take a small part of your day to recharge yourself through an activity like coloring, it is important that you create a habit of coloring. Otherwise, you may get back into your old habits of constant worry and stress.