How the coloring craze for adults started
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History of the Adult Coloring Craze

The coloring craze for adults – crazy new fad or the best thing ever!? Some people may raise an eyebrow when you tell them that you decided to start coloring adult coloring books, but others think its the best thing since sliced bread. Part childhood nostalgia, part stress reduction, and part creative outlet, coloring books for adults have taken full swing in recent times.

Previously, many people who liked to color did so in children’s coloring books. Some of them were closet colorers who felt embarrassed to be seen coloring. Children’s coloring books often contain cartoonish characters on thin newsprint paper that may be very monotonous to color (for adults). Until recently, many people didn’t even realize that there was such a thing as adult coloring books!

Part of what contributed to the coloring craze for adults is that the artwork is very intricate and sophisticated, which is much more appealing for adults to color. It is more enjoyable to color intricate designs and beautiful patterns. It is also more socially acceptable to color adult coloring books than it is to color in the children’s cartoonish variety of coloring books that most of us are used to.

A new adult coloring trend

The coloring book craze for adults has only recently begun. Prior to 2012 hardly anyone was even aware that adult coloring books existed. Though there have been adult coloring books in print for decades, they really didn’t experience massive growth until 2015.

The highest growth of the coloring books for adults was in early 2015. This is when the adult coloring books completely exploded in popularity. Many adult coloring books created by different artists and different publishers were side-by-side on the Amazon top seller lists for all book categories.

Google trends search history of adult coloring books
search history of adult coloring books

Therapeutic effects of coloring

Something else that has fueled the coloring craze for adults is the actual benefits that it has on people’s well-being. Many people claim that coloring reduces their day-to-day stress, to an astounding degree.

In fact many therapists, including Carl Young have suggested coloring to their patients because of the therapeutic effects. Some even claim that coloring is more effective than yoga, meditation and even antidepressants.

Though there are many other reasons why adults are using coloring books besides the amazing anti stress benefits that they offer, it is a great benefit to have for anybody in the 21st century.

The Internet fuels the coloring craze for adults

Adult coloring books have in a sense gone viral. Because of social media in the interconnectedness that we have due to the Internet in general the word about adult coloring books have spread like wildfire. What happened is that many of the adult colorists began to share their coloring pages that they have finished on Facebook, pictures, twitter, etc. This really helped fuel the coloring craze for adults because it was mostly all word of mouth, helped by the internet and social media.

coloring craze for adults fueled by social media
adult coloring books fueled by social media

Then when these adult colorists post images of their finished artwork, their friends become interested and curious about this whole adult coloring thing. This sharing of artwork breaks down the social embarrassment that many people might have had initially about coloring. Many people don’t even realize that there are coloring books designed specifically for grown-ups.

The trend of childhood nostalgia

There is a wider trend than just the coloring book craze. There is a trend where adults are buying things that they had in childhood. For example there’s a new study that 55% of young adult books are bought by adults. This trend in buying things that bring back good memories has spread into the coloring book area and has essentially created a market for adult coloring books.

The adult coloring craze is all about social events

Another trend that is started is groups of adults getting together with their favorite coloring books and coloring utensils, and drinking wine while coloring and socializing. This is a great way to socialize, relax and have fun in a group setting. It allows everyone to relax, but is an activity that allows for multitasking and goes good with coloring

Is the coloring craze just a fad?

Its hard to tell what will become a long lost fad, or a thriving new industry. It appears that the coloring books are here to stay due to the fact that it is a new possibility. Before recently, it was not culturally acceptable or well known that adults can have fun coloring. Now that people accept that they are allowed to color without the social ridicule, people gladly take their favorite coloring books with them so they can enjoy the many benefits of coloring on the go.

Ultimately it is up to the colorers whether adult coloring books are here to stay or just another pet rock phenomena. Due to the fact that many people claim amazing benefits from it, we think that many adults will continue to color from here on out, and into the distant future, now that it has become socially acceptable and the awareness of the benefits of coloring is out there.


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