Stress relief coloring books for adults

Stress relief coloring book native american inspired designs transparent CoverStress relief coloring books for adults are, as the name suggests, coloring books that are designed to relieve stress. Unlike children’s coloring books that have cartoon characters or simple designs, Stress relief coloring books have more intricate designs.

These include beautiful, complex designs of various subjects that provide hours of fun coloring. When finished, they are so impressive that you may want to frame them!

Do Stress relief coloring books work?

Studies have shown that coloring causes the same type of brain activity to occur as does meditation, which is well known for being a great stress-relieving activity. Meditation and coloring have been widely reported to reduce stress and to increase relaxation and peace of mind.

Adult Coloring vs Meditation?

Both meditation and coloring can offer amazing benefits. Many people practice meditation for stress relief and many more are finding that they love to color, too. Some people find it difficult to meditate because their thoughts race as soon as they sit down and attempt to be still. Coloring can create this meditative state without having the thoughts racing around in the brain.

You can focus on the coloring instead of focusing on your thoughts. In fact, for some people, meditation can increase anxiety because of how hard it can be to still the mind. Stress relief coloring books for adults give you many of the same benefits as meditation without the difficulty of sitting in silence and quieting the mind!